The cost of running a brass band for one full year is on average £10,000.00. Costs include instrument and liability insurance band registration, contest entry costs, transporting the band and all equipment to and from contests, conductor expenses, rehearsal room and many more smaller ad hoc costs. Over and above these costs uniform and instruments have to be maintained and occasionally replaced. The cheapest instrument used by the band is a cornet costing £ 2,300.00. The cost per instrument increases as per the size of the instrument, the largest and therefore the most expensive costing around £6,000.00.

Chapeltown Silver Prize Band is totally self supporting and therefore has to perform concerts and fundraising events simply to survive. The band is fortunate and proud to be part of a community that sets great value on it’s heritage of which the band has long been a part. The band operates a patronage scheme and invites local residents, businesses and people from further afield with an interest in the band to become patrons of the band.

This year the patronage scheme is 29 years old and over these years has raised many thousands of pounds. Without doubt the band would have struggled to survive were it not for this valuable source of income.

The benefits of becoming a patron of the band are, each patron is allocated two free tickets to our Annual Patrons Concert in April. Each Patron has their name included in the Patrons Concert Programme and on the bands website. And of course the satisfaction of helping one of our countries finest institutions to survive, that is the Brass Band Movement as a whole. Patrons are also given priority for tickets to the Christmas Concert in December before they go on general sale to the public.

Most Patrons make an annual donation of their own choice to the band, many also donate prizes to our concert raffles and fundraising events. The minimum annual fee stipulated by the band however is currently £10.00 per person. When you consider the cost of tickets to the Patrons Concert are £6.00 each, with each patron receiving two it’s a bargain!

Should you be interested in becoming a patron of our band please contact Paul or Julie whose details are on our contacts page. Alternatively any member of the band will be able to help you.

Chapeltown Silver Prize Band wish to express their sincere gratitude to the following list of people who are all currently patrons of the band and of special importance to us all

Mr Allott
Mrs V Bailey
M Baine
Mr & Mrs Baxendale
Mrs E Berry
Mr A Boon
Mrs J Booth
Mr & Mrs K Brown
Mrs S Brown
Mr & Mrs P Bryan
Mr & Mrs A Caban
Mr G Caldwell
Mr & Mrs M Chapman
Mrs S Charles
Mrs M Clare
Mr & Mrs J Clarke
Mrs L Coakley
Mrs M Copley
Mr Cordell
Mr D Coster
Mr & Mrs I Davies
Mr L Drabble
Mrs J Draycott
Mr & Mrs J Durance
Mr V Ede
Mr & Mrs Edwards
Mrs J Falding
Mrs D Fernley
Mr & Mrs B M Fisher
Mr & Mrs A Foster
Mr & Mrs Fox
Mr K Garner-Honorary
Mrs M Garner
Mr & Mrs J P Gilbert
Wendy Gascoyne
Mr & Mrs W Goddard
Mrs E Grayson
Mr E Green
Mr P Hale
Mr & Mrs Hall
L Harkom
Mr N Hayward
Mrs B Hindle
Mr & Mrs A Hooper
Mr & Mrs H House
Mr & Mrs J Housley
Mr & Mrs B Hovey
Mrs S Huntington
Mrs N Ibbotson
Mr A Irvine
Mr P Jacklin
Mrs W Jenkins
Mr T Jones
Mrs P Kershaw
Mr & Mrs K Leek
Mr & Mrs I Lomas
Mr N Lomas
Mrs M Loy
Mrs S Mappin
Mrs K Marsden
Mr M Mayes
Mrs Meredith
Mr & Mrs D Morton
Mrs J Nicholas
Mr J Nicholson
Barbara Parker
Mr & Mrs L Parkin
D E Pepper
Mrs R Pittaway
Mr Proctor
Mrs M Purvis
Mrs J Roebuck
Mrs Y Rolfe
Mrs S Salt
Mr & Mrs T Sanders
Mr T Savage
Mr & Mrs J Scholey
Mr D Smith
Mr & Mrs Smith – Honarary
Mr M Smith – Honarary
Mrs M Spittlehouse
Mr D Stenton
Mr & Mrs G Swallow
Mr Mrs V Sykes
Mr & Mrs R Telford
Mrs R A Thompson
Mr D Tyreman
Mrs M Tyreman
Mr & Mrs I Wainwright
Mrs M Walker
Mr & Mrs M Walker
Mr & Mrs T Wall
Mrs B Watkinson
Mrs E Watt
Mavis Wells
Mrs E Westby
Mrs B White
Mr & Mrs D Whittle
Mr & Mrs G Wilkinson
Mr & Mrs N Wilkinson
Mr & Mrs Williams
Mrs J Wood
Mr G Woolhouse
Mrs D Wright